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New teacher gifts for 2019

new teacher gifts for 2019

I’m excited to introduce two new teacher gifts for 2019 – a new personalised teacher notebook design and a 2019-20 teaching themed desk calendar.

The new teacher notebook features the quote “you are making a difference every day”. Underneath there is ‘thank you’ and a name and this part of the text can be fully personalised. There are two colour schemes – coral and blue. As with all personalised notebooks by The Leaf Press, the notebook is hand-sewn using coloured thread and is pocket size, measuring 10.2 x 15 cm.

teacher quote personalised notebook

teacher quotation notebook

The 2019-20 teacher calendar features a quote for each month of the academic year, with a patterned background in neutral blue, peach and grey tones. The quotes are a mix of humorous and inspirational quotations – to keep the teacher laughing and motivated through the year! The calendar measures 10.5 x 10.5 cm and so is the perfect size for a desk or shelf. The calendar comes with a personalised sleeve.

teacher gift calendar with quotes
teacher quote calendar 2019
Quotes teacher calendar 2019-2020
teacher quote calendar 2020

Both of these new teacher designs for 2019 can be viewed in the teacher gifts section of The Leaf Press Gifts. There you will also find other teaching themed notebook designs. Remember, all teacher gifts come gift wrapped in tissue paper and twine or ribbon so they’re ready to go!

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New notebook designs for children

December was a very time for notebook orders and a huge thanks to everyone that chose The Leaf Press for their Christmas gifts.  There was, however, time for a spot of designing and I’m delighted to introduce these three new notebook designs for children.

For space or astronomy loving boys and girls there’s Space Rockets.  This design has hand-drawn planets, rockets and stars on a grey background.

space rocket personalised notebook

Dinosaurs features a variety of hand-drawn dinosaur species on a background of dinosaur foot prints.  Please don’t ask me to name which dinosaur species there are here!

dinosaur drawing book for child

Sports Balls is aimed at both adult and children sports fans.  This pattern based design has footballs as well as rugby, tennis, cricket, snooker and golf balls.  It’s already been popular as a gift for those who love their sport – especially difficult to buy for men!

sport themed notebook

These new notebooks join other notebook designs for children which include the following:

unicorn gift notebook

car personalised notebook

princess design notebook

pencils personalised notebook

Personalised notebooks can be purchased in the notebook section of The Leaf Press Gifts.  All notebooks are personalised on the front cover and gift wrapped free of charge.  There is also free UK delivery on all orders at The Leaf Press.

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New personalised knitting notebook

personalised knitting notebook

This new personalised knitting notebook is now available to purchase in The Leaf Press Gifts shop. It would make a lovely gift for someone who loves to knit, to record notes about knitting patterns or ideas for new knits!  The notebooks used for these photos are for four little girls who are receiving knitting bags for Christmas to start them on their knitting career.  But the notebook is equally suitable for an established knitter – perhaps your gran or nan.

personalised knitting notebook

The design features balls of wool and knitting needles in a repeat pattern.  There is a choice of blue, red, green or yellow colour schemes.  The front cover has wording of choice and there is the option to include a message on the first page.

personalised knitting jotter yellow

personalised knitting jotter blue

personalised knitting jotter green

personalised knitting jotter red

Please use this link to visit the knitting notes notebook listing in the shop.

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New travel notebook design

travel notebook design

This new travel notebook design has been added to the personalised travel gifts section of The Leaf Press Gifts.  It features hand-drawn flags from a variety of countries around the world, on a pale blue background.

flags travel notepad

flags travel themed notebook

For this design I discovered drawing flags is more complicated than I anticipated – I was thinking every flag was simple, like France, when I started!

The Flags travel notebook is personalised with wording in the centre of the front cover.  It makes a fab gift for travelling, a gap year, a honeymoon, or to plan your own trip!  The first page can have a message or other text as well.

Below are pictures of other travel notebook designs for sale at The Leaf Press.  All of these are personalised too.

travels personalised notebook

personalised travel notebook on my travels

travel patterns personalised notepad

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New notebook designs

new notebook designs

I’ve been busy creating new notebook designs through the summer as well as revising existing ones.  This post introduces these new designs.

The Music, Afternoon Tea, Hearts, Patchwork, Polka Dot, Confetti, Spirograph and Butterfly notebooks have a revised design for 2018.  There is also a new notebook design – Baking – perfect for recipes or foodie notes.


A sheet music pattern with orange, lemon, green and blue colours and a bold font for the title.

music personalised notebook

Afternoon Tea

A lemon, red and royal blue colour scheme for this traditional afternoon tea scene.

afternoon tea personalised notebook


A rainbow colour palette for pretty patterned hearts.

hearts wedding notebook


A contemporary design for these hexagons, which form a patchwork style pattern.  A choice of pink or green colour scheme.

quilting personalised notebook

Polka Dot

Hand-drawn dots in a choice of yellow, blue, green or purple colour scheme.

polka dot personalised notebook


Patterned butterflies in a pretty colour palette.

butterfly personalised notebook


Little heart shapes sprinkled on a blue, lilac, green or pink background.

confetti personalised notebook


Colourful shapes inspired by the childhood game Spirograph, on a white background.

spirograph personalised notebook

Please click on each title above to view each notebook in the shop.


This is an all new design, featuring hand-drawn images relating to baking.  There is a colourful colour palette and patterned background.

baking personalised notebook

More designs are coming later this year so please keep checking back for news!


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New personalised notebook designs

unicorn personalised notebook

Two new personalised notebook designs have just been added to the custom notebooks section of the shop.  Succulents is a brand new design and the Unicorn notebook has had a 2018 makeover with an all new design!

The new Succulents notebook was created as part of a pattern challenge competition I recently took part in. Various succulent plants were drawn and from these drawings digital images were created.  The picture below shows one of the succulent plants I drew – see if you can see it in the final design!

succulents notebook inspiration

I created several colour options for the design and then carried out a poll on Facebook to find everyone’s favourite.  Those with a white background were the most popular, so two have been turned into notebook designs – bright and pastel.

succulent design notebook

Please click on the image above to see the personalised Succulent notebook listing.

The unicorn notebook is a favourite with both unicorn lovers and little girls.  Its 2018 new look includes a pale blue background, more pink and rainbows and more detail on the unicorns themselves.

unicorn gift notebook

The personalised unicorn notebook can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

Both notebooks are personalised with a name/text of your choice on the cover.  You can also add a message to the recipient on the first page.

Thanks for reading!