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New personalised notebook designs

unicorn personalised notebook

Two new personalised notebook designs have just been added to the custom notebooks section of the shop.  Succulents is a brand new design and the Unicorn notebook has had a 2018 makeover with an all new design!

The new Succulents notebook was created as part of a pattern challenge competition I recently took part in. Various succulent plants were drawn and from these drawings digital images were created.  The picture below shows one of the succulent plants I drew – see if you can see it in the final design!

succulents notebook inspiration

I created several colour options for the design and then carried out a poll on Facebook to find everyone’s favourite.  Those with a white background were the most popular, so two have been turned into notebook designs – bright and pastel.

succulent design notebook

Please click on the image above to see the personalised Succulent notebook listing.

The unicorn notebook is a favourite with both unicorn lovers and little girls.  Its 2018 new look includes a pale blue background, more pink and rainbows and more detail on the unicorns themselves.

unicorn gift notebook

The personalised unicorn notebook can be viewed by clicking on the image above.

Both notebooks are personalised with a name/text of your choice on the cover.  You can also add a message to the recipient on the first page.

Thanks for reading!

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