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New notebook designs

new notebook designs

I’ve been busy creating new notebook designs through the summer as well as revising existing ones.  This post introduces these new designs.

The Music, Afternoon Tea, Hearts, Patchwork, Polka Dot, Confetti, Spirograph and Butterfly notebooks have a revised design for 2018.  There is also a new notebook design – Baking – perfect for recipes or foodie notes.


A sheet music pattern with orange, lemon, green and blue colours and a bold font for the title.

music personalised notebook

Afternoon Tea

A lemon, red and royal blue colour scheme for this traditional afternoon tea scene.

afternoon tea personalised notebook


A rainbow colour palette for pretty patterned hearts.

hearts wedding notebook


A contemporary design for these hexagons, which form a patchwork style pattern.  A choice of pink or green colour scheme.

quilting personalised notebook

Polka Dot

Hand-drawn dots in a choice of yellow, blue, green or purple colour scheme.

polka dot personalised notebook


Patterned butterflies in a pretty colour palette.

butterfly personalised notebook


Little heart shapes sprinkled on a blue, lilac, green or pink background.

confetti personalised notebook


Colourful shapes inspired by the childhood game Spirograph, on a white background.

spirograph personalised notebook

Please click on each title above to view each notebook in the shop.


This is an all new design, featuring hand-drawn images relating to baking.  There is a colourful colour palette and patterned background.

baking personalised notebook

More designs are coming later this year so please keep checking back for news!


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